Top Tips

Did you know?

Hints and tips for a successful event:

Crowds at an exhibition  
  • Consider your objectives for the show – what’s your main focus? Lead collection, simply creating awareness or sales on the day?

  • Use short, strong messaging. Memorable eye-catching graphics and imagery, and not too much text.

  • The power of the moving image. Do you have a video or presentation with attention grabbing content? We can help produce a simple, striking piece – and remember these work best with graphic captions, as most events can be noisy environments making a commentary hard to follow.

  • As a guide, factor around one member of staff for every 4-5sqm of space booked.

  • Flexibility : If you’re planning to attend more than one event with potentially different stand sizes, we’d recommend having flexible kit that can be scaled up/down accordingly.

  • Contact us for a free, no obligation 3D space design and quote:
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