Hassle-free design, build and exhibition set up

You've booked the space, so what happens next?
An exhibition can be as stressful as a wedding. Think of us as your vicar, caterer, cameraman, speech-writer and chauffeur. It’ll be a long honeymoon.

How this could work...
1. Call us to discuss what you’re looking to achieve

2. We’ll ask about any existing campaigns, messages, offers or branding that you’re thinking of using

3. Have you seen any other stands or ideas that you like, which would be good points of reference?

4. Do you have a budget in mind (useful) or shall we create a 3D drawing and estimate (f.o.c.) for starters?

5. Is this a one-off event or, all being well, the start of a great exhibiting adventure? We can help plan accordingly and future proof your investment.

Contact us for a free, no obligation 3D space design and quote:
020 8941 8484